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Life goes on and round we go and words can kill these things I know

I went up to Walthamstow on the Tuesday after we got back from Somerset to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with N, which was perfectly enjoyable. I was at the shelter Wednesday evening then N came over on Thursday.

Last weekend was one of those where all of the plans piled on top of one another:I hung around after work on Friday to head down to the Royal Court with some Book Group buddies to see The Children, which I really liked: it's a three-hander about some nuclear scientists reuniting after a meltdown at the plant and combined some entertaining inter-personal drama with a thought-provoking exploration of inter-generational responsibility. Afterwards I popped back to the office to change into Rumpus-gear (the theme was Captains v. Bandits, I'm not entirely sure which I was going for) then headed up to Islington to join the usual crowd. I only saw a couple of bands this time (Buffo's Wake, who I'd caught there before, plus Shamus Oblivion and the Megadeth Morrismen, who in truth I don't remember all that much about) but there was a little selection of belly-dancing/juggling/gymnastics as well. I was reasonably sensible and left at 4, although my travel choices were less sensible and I still managed to spend an hour getting home.

I'd partly bailed early because my cousin was having a birthday lunch on Saturday, at a steak place in the West End, which I actually made it to in reasonably good shape. We retired to a nearby pub afterwards until it was time for me to head down to Brixton to re-unite with E to see The Levellers. The crowd are definitely starting to look like they've seen better days but nothing has dimmed their enthusiasm, even if there wasn't quite such a solid mass of pogoing as I remember from bygone years. Gaz Brookfield was opening for them, as he was the first time I saw him four years ago, and it transpired that that was the "London final show" he references in his Land Pirate's Life lyrics. Next up were Ferocious Dog, who seemed a bit more disjointed than the last times I'd seen them, before the Levellers played Levelling the Land all the way through (they were marking 25 years since its release), followed by a bunch of other songs.

Sunday was a lot more chilled out, although I did head out to the Museum of London's Great Fire of London exhibition with N: I enjoyed it more than I expected (fearing it may just replicate things I'd seen from the recent Pepys exhibition) as they had lots of items of the day that gave a really good feel of how society looked at that time.

I was home Monday then went up to N's for a cheese-fest with his housemates old and new the next evening. I was supposed to be going out to a gig Wednesday but had an energy crash and didn't make it. I did make it to the Lexington on Thursday where Arrows of Love were being supported by "dark psych" Southamptoners Melt Dunes and post-punk heroes The Homosexuals. The Arrows conjured a pretty coherent performance out of their usual chaos.

I was at the shelter last night and am just heading back to London from Oxford, having come up for an Iris Project Trustee Meeting today, so it's not felt very weekendy so far but was good to catch up with iruineverything if nothing else!

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