neil (satyrica) wrote,

As much as I love the West End part of London to the core . . .

I spent most of the weekend at home, two weeks ago, catching up on stuff and work and only venturing out in the evenings. On the Saturday it was to Nambucca for bands: first off The Trap, who had a sneering appeal, then highly danceable Mancunians Dantevilles; I was there for White Room, who continue to impress, there was another band afterwards but I scooted off home. On Sunday evening I trekked up to Walthamstow to see I, Daniel Blake: I wouldn't say it was the best written or acted thing I've even seen, the over-expositiony dialogue maybe particularly stood out because I'm so familiar with the processes it was portraying, but it did a good job of presenting the commonplace processes and situations, by which aspects of the welfare system dehumanise people and wear them down, in a fairly engaging way. It was pretty restrained in only presenting the everyday outrages too, rather than be tempted to portray some of the more extreme examples of institutional abuse that occur.

I went to Lewisham to roleplay Monday night, to the shelter on Tuesday, had my ex T and his partner over to dinner Wednesday, hung out with M's Mum and boyfriend, who had descended to inflict DIY on us, the next evening, then headed out to the Hoxton Bar & Grill on Friday night. I was in time to see Fizzy Blood, who I've been following, and then stayed for Jpnsgrls, touring Canadians who turned out to be a really good find, sardonic-lyriced rock delivered with hip-wiggling elan.

I spent the weekend mostly trying to avoid the chaos filling the flat: I headed out into Surrey on Saturday, had lunch with cousin H & family before we went to visit Granny, who was on pretty good form, blissfully unaware that her nursing home is closing down. They say they can't retain the staff to make it pay, which seems pretty weak given this is the Church of England not a private company, and we're all pretty worried about the effect the upheaval will have on her. I headed over to Egham afterwards, dropped in on urizen, lucifermourning and their new arrival, then proceeded to the Englefield Green Social Hall for out latest local LARP. On Sunday I poked about town with N: we checked out the board game exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, eventually found somewhere to have cake, saw The Debt Collective (who I'd encountered at four in the morning one Rumpus) play some Sunday afternoon jazz in a pub called the Enterprise not far away, then meandered over to T&A's in Dalston for dinner.

Last week I had ketchgirl over for dinner on Monday, back from what sounded like a magical time in Chicago, played Aberrant on Tuesday and headed to the Old Queen's Head on Wednesday for a trio of Brightonian bands: breathy-voiced duo Realms, Bloom, who had one song that made me think they were going to be amazing but the rest didn't quite sustain it, then Yonaka, who really got the glitter-clouded crowd going. I was at the shelter Thursday night then headed over to N's on Friday for fondue.

We headed off early on Saturday, driving down to Glastonbury, which happened to be in the midst of its annual Frost Fair, lots of stalls and bands spreading themselves through the town centre for us to poke around. We were down to visit my friend L who lives near by with her family and exponentially increasing number of animals. They've started a smallholding and we went down in the evening to the friends whose land they use for a bonfire, mulled cider, pulled pork from a pig they had reared themselves and to hang out in the Anderson Shelter and corrugated iron Land Girls shed they have in their garden. The people were all lovely and we came back the next morning to help L with her daily routine, seeing to all the animals, before driving home after lunch.
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