neil (satyrica) wrote,

feel the heat of all the years you were never mine

As usual, the drop-in has been closed for August so it's been all pretty chilled at work and I've been walking in across Hyde Park, making the most of the sun and the opportunity to take back some of the hours I worked over in the winter, although we've already hit that 'getting ready for the shelters' period which is all pretty depressing as the month draws to a close.

I stayed over at N's last Friday and then went home early the next morning to do my domestic duty in time to head out in the afternoon to The Windmill in Brixton where a bunch of bands organised under the Weird Sin moniker were playing, although I never really got a handle on the theme drawing them all together. It started with Mig21, who had a punkish feel and some unique dance moves, then were The Pink Diamond Revue, the day's most remarkable offering, who combined a mesmeric mix of electronic and guitar sounds with projections and a mannequin; I hadn't previously noticed Crack Foxes were on the bill, who I'd actually seen before, riot grrls mostly playing covers, then (after the carefully rationed free BBQ) came Flash House, who were the day's heaviest band, and the europunk chaos of Raw Fun. Hands off Gretel were the nominal reason for us being there, cream_horn having seen them at Whitby, and did not disappoint, then came the testosterone-fuelled silliness of Kiwi lads The Cavemen; there were a couple more bands due but we pretty much called it a day at that, although I ended up going on a random work-related mission to Willesden before heading home.

On the Sunday M, N and I rendez-voused on a train out to Wendover and we re-did a walk around the Vale of Aylesbury which M&I had done before, crossing the Chequers estate and popping in on the amazing C14 wall paintings in the church in Little Kimble, which was really nice, and then had R and his (relatively) new girlfriend over for dinner in the evening.

I went out to the Shacklewell Arms on Monday: Alexander Teller was opening up the program but seemed to have brought the most vocal crowd with him and the support was deserved; Carnivals were fine but never quite distinguished themselves from your standard four-blokes-in-a-band for me and Haus were more modern and musically complex but not really my thing. I was there for White Room's psychedelic rock, which topped the night off nicely.

On Tuesday I actually went out in West Hampstead itself, for some drinks with E who has moved over this way. I went over to N's on Wednesday and we had a really nice night out at The Beehive with his housemate D. I was local again on Thursday, seeing bands at The Good Ship in Kilburn, which is even closer than Camden for me. It was another full bill and I really enjoyed the grungey Subterranean Popular, they were followed up by Daisy Punch and the trippy Lead Sister, who were the reason I was there, being (like White Room) a band I had seen and enjoyed as support previously. Ice Baths finished it off but they probably left me the coldest.

I ended up going up to Hendon for some drinks with E again quite late on Friday: poking around the limited nightlife options as we crawled our way back to his new place in Colindale. Then yesterday N & I were back in the van heading South: we stopped of for elevenses with Rachel & family near Southampton and then for lunch with J&E in Brockenhurst, going for a pleasant amble around the village and having to lure a horse out of the village hall grounds with a trail of apples, before heading on to my parents for dinner. We were down there to help N's new(old) housemate move up from Bournemouth so we headed down to load up all her stuff this morning, after a bracing wander along Branksome Chine in typical English Seaside weather, and drove back up to London.

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