neil (satyrica) wrote,

I'd come home early from Plas Dinam so I could attend a Housing Benefit tribunal on the Friday, which turned out not to be like the other tribunals I have attended and actually involved having to present a case to a judge: it wasn't my finest hour but it turns out there wasn't much we could have done. N came over that evening and then after a day of pottering I went over to his Saturday evening for a BBQ after which I headed out with all of his housemate to Whirl Y Gig: a club we've had recommended to us a few times on our nights out. We were a bit surprised to discover that The Camden Centre, where it is now held, resembled nothing so much as a school assembly hall, although we did eventually discover a nice little chill out area behind the stage. It had a nice crowd but suffered a little from a lack of variety in comparison to other such nights, although once we had finally got into the music a good time was had by all.

Sunday was pretty much entirely given over to recovery and I was back up in Tottenham Tuesday night when we went out to The Beehive to say goodbye to his housemate S, who's moving back to Germany. The next night I had my first gig in ages back at the Black Heart in Camden: there were four bands up, metallers Snakes started off then it was This Year's Ghost and Fizzy Blood, who were new to me but really good. I was there for Allusondrugs, who I've been trying to catch again since last year's Great Escape and were endearing, energetic fun.

N came over Thursday and on Friday I went to Brixton to hang out with Joe, who was down from Manchester: I was back there the next afternoon for a BBQ to celebrate a friend of N's birthday, which turned into the most indulgent, gourmet BBQ I've been to with her boyfriend producing course after amazing course all through to the evening. I stayed at N's then went down to the British Museum the next day to see the Sunken Cities exhibition with ketchgirl, which was really good: it focused very much on the mix of Greek and Egyptian culture but had some incredible, monumental pieces as well as an added excitement from so much of it having been newly discovered. It was a gorgeous day so I wandered home up through Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.

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