neil (satyrica) wrote,

I was thinking, let's forget about the car

The journey back from Glastonbury on the Monday took about as long as the one there but was made much more bearable by the fact that I slept through most of it: I was straight back to work the next day but easing myself in gently by going to a conference until the drop-in was safely closed and N came over in the evening. Our Aberrant game got fully underway on the Wednesday and then a few of us went to the National on Thursday to see The Threepenny Opera, which was one of those things I've always heard of without really knowing anything about: I think I was the least whelmed of our group by the play, there was nothing wrong with it but nothing that really engaged me either, although the others all seemed to be more positive in their appreciation.

With M away, I spent a lot of the weekend just hanging out at home, although I did go down to the pro-EU march on Saturday and met up with my old friend S, who had come up from Winchester, at its terminus in Parliament Square. It was nice to share the frustration, no matter how little effect it may have had on the course of events: there was a definite sense it was a lot of 'ordinary' people too, not just the usual protest suspects. Lovely Joe had announced he was in town so in the evening I went down to Brixton for his friend S's birthday: there were only about 15 of us dancing around her bedroom but a full-on DJ with decks pumping out tunes all the way through until morning and I had really good night. M arrived back from her hols in the afternoon on Sunday and we eagerly started devouring Games of Thrones, having denied ourselves until it was purchasable.

After some off-site work in her vicinity, I dropped in on hysteria74 last Monday for dinner. It was really nice to hang out and chat without it having to be some big thing: something I should be doing with friends more. N came down and met me after work for a drink on Tuesday: I went in late on Wednesday and it was such a nice day that I walked down and through Hyde Park. I was supposed to be back there for a mini version of their BST gigs Thursday evening but it had relocated to Tufnell Park. First up were Dream Wife: an enjoyable riot grrrl band, next came provocative punk from Shame: I couldn't decide if (musically) I liked them or not but I definitely wanted to see them again. The first two bands had been in the Boston Music Rooms, then we moved up to the Dome for the bands I'd mainly come for, the cheerfully bouncy Magic Gang and now familiar favourites Spring King, both of whom drew an explosion of energy from the young crowd. Headlining were The Wytches, who I didn't know and had a rockier sound: I didn't really get into them but it may just be that, age catching up on me, I had worn myself out.

Friday night was a BBQ at N's with quite a few housemates and friends, which was a really nice evening. I headed down the next morning to meet ketchgirl at The British Museum for the Sicilian Exhibition: it was good, focusing on the Greek and Norman amongst the island's many periods of foreign dominance, although oddly made no mention of the great Athenian disaster there. I headed home for a bit then went out into Camden in the evening to see The Smith Street Band (lyrical Aussie punk) at The Underworld; the support band, Apologies, I Have None, were also good value, although possibly more for their banter than their music. Three of the four of us then headed down to Brixton for Rumpus, which had moved to Jamm for their Summer party: we're hoping it will move back as the smaller venue allowed for less of the wandering and characterful touches which have been such a feature of our Rumpuses. The bands were pretty good though: The Filthy Spectacular were a slightly more goth take on the usual gyspsy/carnival/steampunk mash-up, Prinz Friedrich a Northern Europe flavoured melange of waltzes and weirdness in German military dress and then good old Tankus the Henge. We weren't really feeling the DJing this time around so left after the bands had finished. Today N & I went down to Peckham to visit C&M, who I hadn't seen for an age.

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