neil (satyrica) wrote,

I took a nightbus down to the park

We had a work event a few Thursdays ago to say thank you to all our volunteers, funders and other supporters: it was swankier than usual, at St. Columba's Church with posh canapes, and I did wonder whether it might elicit grumblings about whether it was the sort of thing a small charity should be spending money on but the staff had all turned out to help and it seemed to go really well.

On the Friday N and I ate at the last remaining Stockpot before cousin A drove us up to his folks' where we were staying the night before we all headed over to Wales the next day. Another cousin was over from Chicago with his family and so a convocation of the clan had been called: pretty much everyone was there, including one of my Mum's cousins who I've only really got to know as an adult but I really like. It was lovely and meant N has now been completely integrated into that side of the family, although it rushed by in a few hours without feeling like I'd properly spoken to anyone, before we started the long trip back to Oxfordshire, then Ealing, then home. I then didn't venture from my flat at all on Sunday, knowing it was going to be a while before I had the chance to spend some time at home again.

Monday night I ventured down to my old (now undergoing massive construction) haunts in SE London (via some very dubious travel choices) to meet up with people to plan some potential tabletopping, which is pretty exciting. Tuesday I was out at Dingwalls to see Yak: I got there pretty late but still saw one support band, whose identity I have lost to the mists of time but I remember being a little more straightforwardly rocky than the chaos of screaming guitars, flailing limbs and a crowd-surfing frontman that followed. N came over on Wednesday and then I was back out for another lively gig on Thursday: Spring King at the Scala, although the crowd were already full of energy for the two supports, Get Inuit (who've been on my list to check out since last year's Great Escape and were really good) and the also impressive Magic Gang.

I had Friday off to head up to Empire, which turned out to be a great event: dry weather, more and more familiar faces popping up, some fun battles, lots of stuff going on for those that like that sort of thing and some enjoyable evening carousing: songs around fires, an IC debauch, bars, old friends and invading strangers' camps to find somewhere to carry on drinking. We came back on the Monday and, despite my limited engagement with the plot that's out there, it didn't feel as much as though we had run out of things to do as it sometimes does on the 3-night events; it's just a shame that impending parenthood will keep some of our group away for a while.

I had three days back at work and in London before heading off on holiday for proper, which did involve some pretty hectic getting things done, especially for the former. I stayed at N's Tuesday night, spent an evening-in sorting out holiday stuff on Wednesday then, when I finally escaped work on Thursday, headed over to Hackney Wick to a warehouse space where Arrows of Love were playing a show to be recorded for NTS Radio. It was all very Hackney (the girl filming it all with an enormous VHS camcorder was a particular highlight) but gloriously so and the support from The Primordial Soup and the rockier Gang were enjoyable entrees to the usual Arrows of Love chaos. I slipped away pretty much as soon as they were done but then made some epically bad transport decisions, ended up in the desolate wasteland of the Stratford Westfield and didn't get home until 2.15am, relieved that I was already on holiday.

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