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sure you were swift when the handsome greek boys dropped by with gifts

April seems to be getting away from me! It started excellently with our return to Rumpus, this time in our best intrepid adventurer gear (First Prize to E's pith helmet), where a couple of bands that I had seen at Glastonbury last year were playing: Tell Tale Tusk and later King Porter Stomp, I also saw a more chilled out gypsyish outfit late on in proceedings called The Debt Collective. A good time was had by all and I went out clubbing on the Saturday night as well, having decided to celebrate my birthday back at Feeling Gloomy, who were having a Depeche Mode night, one of N's favourite bands. It worked pretty well, with a wave of people just coming for some drinks beforehand, then a mostly different bunch coming from about 10pm, who all came downstairs to the club. It took a little while to fill up and I had the usual birthday experience of feeling like I didn't talk properly to anyone but dancing occurred and people seemed to enjoy themselves. I'd left the rest of the weekend pretty empty, figuring I'd need plenty of recovery time, but I did manage a walk out on the Heath with M on Sunday.

I went back to the Sam Wanamaker theatre on the Monday and watched Cymbeline with Cousin A: it wasn't quite as uncomfortable, having learnt some lessons from my first visit there, and the play was pretty entertaining, with an amusingly long explanatory sequence at the end as all the play's secrets are unfolded. The rest of the week was pretty quiet: my actual birthday was the Wednesday which I just spent at home and cooked some food for M and N.

On the Friday I headed down to Southampton and spent the weekend trawling around some of the usual suspects: R & family Friday night, then down to my parents Saturday daytime (we went for some pleasant little walks along the Milford coast and Keyhaven Marshes) before heading back up into town to The Dolphin in St Denys where the tail end of a cool little 'festival' the pub was having in its beer garden was taking place; I'd gathered together Jonny, Allen and a guy I'd got to know through one of my London friends who'd gone to Uni down there. Jonny let me crash over again and, after going out for breakfast, I headed back to Totton to hang out with Lee on Sunday before getting the train (rather later than planned thanks to some annoying timings) back up to London.

I went out to Chelmsford on Monday evening, then Tuesday saw Midnight Special (which wasn't that special) at a cinema tantalisingly close to home with M & A, only to head off to N's afterwards so I could get to see him post-show, although some pleasant late evening socialising and food with his housemates made it well worth it. I went to FNB on the Wednesday, managed a stroll though Hyde Park on my way home on Thursday (having been feeling like I was stuck inside through all the Spring sunshine), then went out to The Black Heart on Friday night: it was put on by Sisteray, but they weren't playing, instead it was Paradise Underground, along with Lighthouse and The Bulletproof Bomb, who I'd previously seen supporting Sisteray there.

The weekend was mostly given over to decorating (we've nearly finished!), although I did sneak away for the last Angels game in Egham on Saturday evening, which finished very satisfyingly with us trying to steer a middle way between the relentless machinery of heaven and the orchestrator of our woes, who was happy to destroy everything in her efforts to take it down.

The shelters have now been closed three weeks but work doesn't seem to be calming down yet, especially as we've been having to deal with re-absorbing the numbers from the second drop-in, which we open over the winter, and a couple of difficult situations on top of everything else. I had anysbryd and ksirafai over to dinner on Monday, went to see the show N was working on this week (Godspell, which was pretty hectic but enthusiastically performed) as a means of seeing him on Tuesday, was back at the Sam Wanamaker with A to see A Winter's Tale on Wednesday (a grim first half giving way to lots of bucolic comedy in the second) and yesterday had a lovely night at the Griffin catching up with barty and ditzy_pole.

Not much on this weekend: N & I went down to check out the Shakespeare Walk along the South Bank today: 37 screens were supposed to be showing 10 minute excerpts of all of his plays but lots of them weren't working when we wandered along, which at least made it a more manageable endeavour, even if some weren't especially audible. It was nice to see the chronology, though: I think I've got to see four more to catch 'em all! My only plan for Sunday is to pop down to the end of the Marathon as a couple of my colleagues are running to raise money for us.
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