neil (satyrica) wrote,

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain

I was at the nightshelter on Monday last week, then Tuesday went to see Vukovi at the Barfly: unsurprisingly, the support were both on the heavier end of the scale. Chasing Cadence were impressive youngsters, very much of-a-type but done well (the lead singer had definitely perfected the rawwwk voice), whilst Empire's singer had a much more impressive range but their songs grabbed me less overall. Vukovi were good, with a more responsive crowd than last time: although it didn't really get completely into it until a chap slipped forwards, threw himself bodily into a few people and then slipped away again as carnage ensued. I wondered whether some bands have ringers they plant in crowds to get them going.

I was at The Garage the next night where Sisteray were doing one of their 'guerilla gigs': this usually means they announce at the last minute that they're going to open up for a band they would usually feature above on the bill. Their set was punchy and fun: I was going to get my fiver's worth and stick around for the other three bands too but the next one on (a keyboard and drums duo) were so bad that I figured I could go home and still have plenty of evening there instead.

N came over on Thursday night and then I launched off on my usual Easter Weekend trip to a muddy field for Empire. The new (last minute) site had the playing area quite a distance from the OOC camping field and given the site was already very muddy, no-one was allowed to drive their IC stuff onto the site, which is where we began to regret having gradually accumulated such an elaborate set-up. We were pretty exhausted by the time we'd lugged it all up there and erected everything, which didn't leave us much energy to throw ourselves into the Friday night game on a field we hadn't had the chance to explore in the daylight. A bunch of us did manage to make the most of the evening, although I woke up the next morning to the realisation that the zip no longer worked on my tent and the strong winds were making it pretty chilly in there. We were lucky with the battles on both Saturday and Sunday, which were fun and took place in the dry, but the weather was generally sub-optimal: there was only one really torrential downpour while I was there, so I never actually got wet, but the winds didn't really abate and having to constantly sure-up our awning and trudge through the mud got pretty tiresome. I was able to move into the South Wing of urizen's tent mansion for the Saturday night and Sunday daytime was actually pretty sunny but the promise of more wind and rain for all of Sunday night and Monday was enough to convince us to beat a retreat, so we packed up after lunch and headed home a day early. Everyone got a lot less done in game than usual but still had a good time: nice to see some old, familiar faces too, who didn't seem too put off by the weather!

M had also been away for Easter, so I made the most of my unexpected Monday at home, with the flat to myself, and the drop-in has been closed for this week so I've been mostly spending the week trying to catch up with stuff as much as possible, although I did make my last visit to the shelter, before it closes at the end of the week, on Tuesday evening. I went over to N's yesterday and his whole house was all in together for once, which was lovely: N cooked mac & cheese for the seven of us and we broke out the Cards Against Humanity.
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