neil (satyrica) wrote,

stop making me older, start making me new

The Monday before last had Model Aeroplanes playing at the Barfly: they're a Scottish band I've been following since last year's Great Escape, they have a poppier, more uplifting sound than I usually go for but are pretty infectiously danceable: of the support Shiners were a straightforwardly guitar-heavy band, whilst Lisbon had more of an electronic element. Model Aeroplanes' singer was losing his voice and they perhaps weren't at their best but still nice to see them headlining shows at last.

Rather bigger in scale was seeing Fat White Family play on the Wednesday, down at the Coronet; first on were the gloriously named I, Ludicrous, who were kinda like a comedy version of The Fall, and then blaring dance music Paranoid London: there are situations where I may have enjoyed that kind of thing, as a support act was not one of them. "I'm glad he's looking more healthy," one FWF veteran was saying as we stumbled away from the gig, "But they did have more edge when he was on heroin." There may have been less on-stage antics, but the seething mass of sweaty flesh that constituted the crowd certainly had edge enough for me.

I went to a pretty weird event with N at some Google building near Old Street the next night: it was the launch of an app called ReVu, which helps you edit video footage, remove the fish-eye effect from GoPros etc., which comprised of a demo of the app, a talk from a futurologist and then a career overview from a sound artist called Scanner, whom we were mostly there to see; he performed some music for about 10 minutes at the end, which was really lovely, but not really worth the hours of talking we'd sat through first.

I was at the shelter on the Friday, then spent pretty much the whole weekend decorating, other than escaping to Kentish Town on Saturday night for one of N's old friends' 40th: we kinda huddled in the corner with the people we already knew but it was still fun.

I was supposed to be going to the BFI on Monday with Cousin A, but he was sick so I trekked to Ealing to pick up the tickets, then back in again to take N instead: we saw High Rise, which we'd read for Book Group and had been pretty faithfully translated onto the screen, and there was a Q&A with Ben Wheatley and some of the cast afterwards. Spanish seems to have sputtered to a halt for now and I ended up on a boat in Gallions' Reach on Tuesday night instead.

N & I were also celebrating our 4th anniversary this week, so, either side of going to the Shelter on Thursday, we went out for dinner around here on Wednesday and then on a gin-tasting at the City of London Distillery on Friday. It was suavely delivered, with an expert blend of history, science and drinking.

Saturday was mostly taken up with more decorating, but then I headed out to the gothic splendour of Oakley Court (further from Windsor than it looks on the map!) to celebrate anonymous_james' 40th with a very nice meal; it was good to see some familiar faces I don't really cross paths with anymore. N & I checked out the Wellcome Collection's rather unsubstantial exhibition on states of consciousness this morning and now I'm trying to just take it easy for the rest of the weekend.
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