neil (satyrica) wrote,

he left the coast and overdosed on that London sound

I managed to get ill the day before NYE, which was unfortunate timing, throwing all my "Catch Up On All The Things" plans for the Xmas-New Year lull (at home and at work) into disarray, at one stage I also wasn't sure I would be up to travelling down to Devon and a Little People laden environment for NYE itself. In the end it's just as well I went, as others had bailed, so we were a smaller than expected house party in an idyllic stone millhouse right on the water's edge at Lee Bay. I was still not full of beans for most of the weekend but no-one else really seemed to be either and we mostly huddled in front of the fire as the rain sheeted down outside, enjoying having no greater demands on us than keeping the kids entertained with the occasional game of Banangrams and failing to do justice to the enormous quantity of cheese and pate that we were presented with. We did manage a walk one day, up and down along the stunningly craggy coast, to the lighthouse which looked out to Lundy Island, and it was a wonderfully pleasant way to spend at least the start of 2016 in an oasis of peace, before the return to London and the rush of life started up again.

The first week of the year was largely spent celebrating N's 40th: we made a return to Pub Quiz on the Tuesday, went out for a meal* with our respective Other Other Halves on Wednesday, the birthday itself; I had Book Group on Thursday (where my choice, How To Be Both, was largely well-received) followed by another meal as one of our member's imminent fatherhood is putting us on hold for the time being. I was at the shelter Friday evening then on Saturday we marked N's birthday in all the most appropriate ways: cake in the afternoon, cocktails at Scenario, a games-themed bar in Dalston, then brunch for a small kernel of survivors the next morning.

I had to be back home for Sunday afternoon as our guest for the month, S (an old friend who now lives in Canada), was arriving: she's over here to study for a few weeks and staying with us, so yesterday and tonight we've been hanging out with her, readjusting to living with a third person, temporarily at least.

*N had settled on a vegetarian restaurant to go to (making it all the remarkable that M agreed to come at all) only when we approached it we could see there seemed to be some big rally going on inside, with dozens of people standing around. A sign on the door informed us it that it was closed in order to launch: "2016: Year of the Pulse." We went to a Turkish place and ate lots of meat instead.
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