neil (satyrica) wrote,

All my friends are getting married, mortgages and pension plans

I wasn't on top form this week: Monday and Thursday were particularly hectic in the drop-in, I didn't manage to take my morning off and I came down with a cold, leaving me pretty worn down. I think Tuesday evening was probably the start of it, when I headed out to the Arrows of Love gig at The Lexington. They were preceded by Shark Dentist, who started off as though they were going to be pretty out there but formed into something a bit more identifiable as they went on, and WAW whose best song was sung by a different guy to the rest of the set. Arrows of Love are certainly never boring and after an indeterminate length of chaotic guitar fuzz, which may or may not have included their actual songs, some unexpected instrument smashing brought things to an end. I want to love them, especially having met them a little and found them lovely, but there wasn't quite enough energy in the room to make it fly.

I stayed for the shelter on Wednesday, then was already wiped up by the time I met up with M&E for the Frank Turner show at Alexandra Palace on Thursday. Will Varley was first on, who alternated whimsical comic songs which didn't quite work for me with some really good straightforward singer-songwriter stuff, then came Skinny Lister, who I guess were somewhere on the folk-punk spectrum and had plenty of energy. I perked up enough to enjoy the gig, Mr. Turner roaring through plenty of tunes old and new, although the interminable journey home didn't do me any favours.

I joined N over in De Beauvoir Town for an art exhibition linked in to the Hackney Queer Film Fest, which had some good pieces (some photos chronicling trans experience in particular) but mostly I wanted a bit more context to the endless representations of genitalia. N came back to mine for ease of heading up to Finchley the next morning for brunch with his cousins which was enjoyably rowdy, then I trekked down to Mottingham in SE London to say my goodbyes to Mogwai, the only cat I have every lived with, who is sadly not long for this world. She was certainly a shadow of her former elegance but responsive and seemed comfortable. In spite of the sad occasion, it was lovely to catch up with ex-housemate D and family before I headed home for a lazy evening in.

Today's also been pretty relaxed: I headed up to Didcot to see azrayus for the first time since his wedding and we had a nice afternoon board-gaming: Arctic Scavengers and Dead of Winter, in deference to the cold wind howling outside, as well as Machi Koro.
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