January 11th, 2017


We all know the words to that Pogues one

The week before Christmas was pretty busy: we watched Rogue One in Walthamstow on the Monday, which was good fun and had dinner with N's cousin the next evening. I stayed in Wednesday evening to Make Christmas Happen and was at the shelter in the evening the next day. Friday was the annual December 23rd shindig in Winchester and I's able to slip away from work early for N to drive us down: we had a confluence of overseas visitors this year, with lesser-spotted friends pitching up from Canada, Fiji and Iraq. The usual suspects among us who were left awake after all the departures wandered into town, where we returned the next day for breakfast before driving back to London. I spent Christmas Evening making pastry for the first time in the cause of a Boxing Day dessert before heading over to N's.

I was spending Christmas in Bruce Grove with N's housemates for the first time, which turned out to be pretty lovely: no real pressures, the freedom to do stuff together then wander off and do things apart and obviously lots of food. We had a 10 year old with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, which engendered lots of Christmassy kids films but also playing with lego: she was whisked back to her Mum's after an enormous breakfast so N and I went for a wander around Tottenham, enjoying the weirdness of empty London streets (but not everything was closed: we ended up going shopping for tupperware, almost certainly a Christmas First) then started to prepare dinner for when the others reconvened, after which we hung out and played games.

On Boxing Day we drove up to my brother's, which was actually really nice (although could have done with a bit of activity between Enormous Lunch and Enormous Dinner): my nieces interacted really proactively with me, which is quite a change, I'm not sure whether because they're getting older or because I spent that time with them on their birthday.

We came back to London in the evening and on the 27th we went down early to Tate Modern to meet up with S&P, over from Canada for Xmas, who were going to stay at M & my place for a few days: we went straight up to the top and marvelled at London in the crisp December sunlight before trawling around a few galleries. We took P to Rough Trade then I returned with them to West Hampstead and hung out. I was back at work on the 28th & 29th, which was actually blissful as hardly anyone was around and I completely caught up on all my admin. I was at the shelter too the Wednesday evening and Thursday evening we all went out for a curry (often the thing that friends who live in other parts of the world say they miss the most about the UK) with S&P before they headed off; I nipped into Camden afterwards to have a couple of drinks with Joe, who was down for Christmas, as I was heading out of London for the New Year.