October 29th, 2016


wake up to see your true emancipation is a fallacy

Last week we had our occasional KES crew meet-up on Tuesday at a pub in Paddington which was fun, although we fall so easily and naturally into the same old nonsense that we never really catch up with what everyone's been up to. The next night I went to see Tony Kushner's The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures at the Hampstead Theatre which had Tamsin Greig in it and was okay: it had some nice moments and was trying to explore some Big Ideas but it was hard to get past the artificiality of the set-up. I had Aberrant on Thursday then popped out to Hoxton Friday night to see Marsicans at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. The support bands were both solid: Shanghai Blues, who seemed to have brought quite a crowd with them, and Chester-lads Idle Frets but the poppy exuberance of their headlining fellow-northerners was hard to match.

N & I chained several small exhibitions around Bloomsbury Saturday daytime: a rather under-signposted and oddly curated affair on Utopias and Dystopias in various locations around the University of London Senate House (which had some interesting material in nonetheless), then two cool little exibitions in the British Museum on South-East Asian puppet theatre and damnatii memoriae in Roman coins and statues. We headed back to his and had a nice evening hanging out with his housemates. On Sunday I had the slightly random experience of being interviewed about homelessness live on Premier Gospel Radio, which was basically just a plug for the charity and seemed to go fine. I went on into the office afterwards to try to get on top of stuff before the shelters hit.

This week's been pretty gig-heavy: N came with me to see CC Smugglers at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, with pleasant enough support from Megan & the Common Threads, on Tuesday. After an Aberrant interval, I saw Yak at the Scala on Thursday, supported by Splashh and then the dreamier Goat Girl.

Then last night I managed to finesse two different events: the Spring King gig was early in the evening to allow Koko to become a club venue afterwards, whilst just down the road at 229 This Feeling, who put on band/club nights, were celebrating their 10th birthday with a night that had the bands I wanted to see on quite late, as it was carrying on with DJs until the early hours. I got to the first gig in time to catch most of Get Inuit who I also like, the next support were Kagoule who had a less formulaic, edgier sound, then Spring King themselves provided the predictable sweat-fest, much as Yak the night before. I made it to the This Feeling bash in perfect time to see first White Room and then Broken Hands, two of my favourite bands of the moment, perform their psychedelic rock: the crowd were attentive but less interactive, it being a more general event, although a very friendly dude, who was clearly having a very good time, buddied up with me to make sure there was some dancing going on for the headliners. It was an unexpectedly sociable night in fact: one of the guys from Lighthouse, who recognised me from their gigs, came over and said hi and I also ran into some friends of my gig-buddy J's. I slightly regret not hanging around more for the club night and cultivating their acquaintance further but I was pretty knackered by this stage and headed home.