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i've got my fringe unfurled

Fact: hippies dance the same everywhere in the world. Mmmm, hippies.

Have spent most of the day at the Sydney manifestation of earthdance which was very cool; I spent a lot of time lying in the sun reading just enjoying the atmosphere but have also harvested what I hope will be a fine crop of leads for getting involved in environmental/political stuff here. So, a goth festival within walking distance our first weekend, an eco-festival our second: I'm assuming this can't last . . ?

been up to cool stuff during the week too: went to see Fourplay (a string quartet that do Radiohead, Metallica, Strokes etc. covers as well as their own stuff) with akte and hysteria74 (who have been unreasonably nice to us since we got here) which, surprisingly, was the most culturally dislocated I've felt- although I'm assured that it was an atypical gig-going experience even for here. Quite liking the difference in when they get films here and caught C.R.A.Z.Y. at the Dendy (Newtown's Ritzyish cinema) which I'd missed in the UK & really liked, best film I've seen in ages. (Ususal caveats abut my taste in *anything* apply before anyone rushes out to see it on the basis of this . . .)

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